World Beer

Out of this world world beers

This year’s beer festival will have its first World Beer Bar. There will be 8 draught beers in a range of different styles of beer. Lager, IPA, Fruit Beer, Wheat beer and more.

  • Camden Hell
    • Camden Town, UK.
  • Tegernsee Hell
    • Arriving fresh next week from the brewery in Bavaria. Best Helles beer on earth.
  • Beavertown Neck Oil
    • Crisp, hoppy session IPA.
  • Lervig House Party
    • Hazy, light and fruity beer from a Norwegian brewery.
  • Tiny Rebel Club Tropicana
    • Intensely fruity IPA from the brewery in Newport, South Wales.
  • Troubadour IPA
    • From brouwerij three musketeers, Belgium. Very good amber coloured IPA that’s firmly bitter. More akin to a Belgium blond than an IPA.
  • Saison DuPont
    • The original and still the best saison. Dry, herbal, fruity and spritzy.
  • Timmerman’s strawberry
    • Lambic base beer with the addition of strawberry. Sweet and refreshing. From the oldest lambic producer.

The bar will also be stocking a fridge full of awesome bottled beers. Some superb beer is arriving next week from Germany just in time for the festival – Mekatzer weisse beer (a fantastic wheat beer) and Paulaner Zwickle (a young keller beer, malty and moreish) amongst others. They’ll also be a range of IPA’s, Belgium beers and few imperial stouts too.

The World Beer Bar is separate from the Real Ale bar and here you’ll need to use your credit card to pay for your drinks – festival beer token strike cards can’t be used.