Opening Times

Thursday 8th August – we will be opening at 3pm for a special two-hour session open only to CAMRA members and local publicans. Members need to bring their membership card. Publicans – you will be receiving a special invitation ticket that you must bring along.

Thursday 8th August – at 5pm the gates will open for everyone. Closing time is 11pm.

Friday 9th August – we will be open from 12 noon until 11pm.

Saturday 10th August – we will be open from 12 noon until 10pm.


The entry price includes a souvenir glass and programme and applies to everybody visiting the festival apart from children.

Entrance prices are Thursday £6, Friday £10, Saturday £6.

Buying Drinks

In addition to your entrance ticket you will need to buy some strike cards, these are used at the bars in place of cash to buy draught real ale, cider and perry, grape and fruit wines and Prosecco. Tickets bought on line are bundled with a single £8 Strike Card, enough for a couple of average pints.

Strike cards are only used at the main bars. Pay for craft World Beer with a credit card, and buy your speciality gins with cash or credit card. Pay cash for food and soft drinks bought at the food concession stands.

If you get your ticket at the door on Thursday or Saturday the bundle includes a £4 Strike Card making the cash entrance price a round £10.

If you get your ticket at the door on Friday (it’s unlikely we will run out, but buy your tickets in advance to be absolutely certain of entry), the bundle includes a £10 Strike card making the cash entrance price a round £20.

We strictly limit entry numbers for each day, so we can make sure we have enough supplies for everyone attending. We don’t expect to sell out, but to be certain of getting a ticket buy online or through Huntingdon Hall in advance, especially if you are travelling a long way.

You will not be able to buy additional cards at the entrance, but can buy them from the “extra strike cards” desk once you have entered the festival. Extra strike cards are valued at £5 each.

If you have any unspent cards (either part or full) left at the end of the session you can claim a refund. Please consider donating your part spent cards to our festival charities. Unused cards must be redeemed before we close on Saturday night.

We will do our best to stop queues forming at the entrance, however we cannot guarantee it wont happen. Past experience has shown that the busiest time at the entrance is on the Friday night at around 7pm.

All Advanced ticket sales are non-refundable.