Our provisional dates for 2017 are 17th to the 19th August 2017.

If you want to help make the festival better in the future please get in contact.

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Music (2014)


Nicol & Co Estate AgentsSponsored by Nicol & Co Estate Agents we had musical entertainment Thursday, Friday evening and all day Saturday.


From 5.30pm.

The Sarah Warren Band - The Haunted Souls

The Sarah Warren Band

Formed during the autumn of 2006 and stayed as a four piece line up (guitar, bass, drums and lead vocals) for the first four years. They started as a ‘blues based’ sound, as as they settled started to write their own material, Nick Lyndon drove the writing of the music and the band naturally found a new identity, which now leans towards a ‘country rock’ feel to the music, still with a slightly ‘bluesy’ edge that will probably never leave! With the new material and the band finding their own direction it became apparent that they required a Hammond organ/piano to finish the sound they wanted. Simon joined in the autumn of 2010 and the band was complete.

This performance comes from their Haunted Souls acoustic set. 


The Retrophonics

A Worcester based covers band,  although we are recently formed, 70% of us have a few miles on the clock so if you're looking for a bunch of kids in skintight jeans, with mops of tousled hair who play at ear-shattering volume......... have another look at the photo and go figure!

Delivering high-quality, well-crafted entertainment perfectly suited to any audience because that's what we do. We know what to play, when to play it, how loud to play and above all how to ensure our contribution from set-up to load down is delivered with total professionalism.

We have seasoned musicians backing two truly outstanding vocalists.

We are The Retrophinics. Aged To Perfection.

Come Together

Come Together Band

For those of you who already know the band, there is little to say. The music speaks for itself. If you don't, Come Together is without question one of Worcestershire's finest covers band, and certainly well respected as an established group, now into their 12th year. Come Together perform a wide range of music from 60's through to current day hits.

Friday Evening

From 6.30pm.

The Dirty Pleasure

The Dirty Pleasure



Lazlo are a five piece rock band based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire UK.

The Conmittments

The Conmitments

Our headline band for Friday night - The Conmitments

​The Conmitments are a tribute to the film and to soul music, playing the classic hits from the film and many more great soul tracks, recreating the musical phenomena of the Alan Parker film. 

Entertainment Bible The Stage rated them as the best show of its type in Europe. The Conmitments have co-starred with artists as varied as soul legend Edwin Starr, pop sensations McFly and Liberty X, singer/songwriter Lucie Silvas, singer and TV personality Jane McDonald, the Monsters of British Rock (with original members of Whitesnake, Thunder and Wishbone Ash) – and played to crowds equally as varied !

Since forming, the band have played more than 4,000 shows to over 3 million people in countries such as Belgium, Holland, Spain, France, Germany, Sweden and Dubai, as well as touring all over the UK.

Saturday Afternoon

The Band


Sweet Reason

Sweet Reason

A pure acoustic duo from Worcester. Covering rock, pop and unusual covers that you wouldn't normally hear.

Jennifer Ludlow

Musician and songwriter from Pershore.

​Done By Sunrise

Done By Sunrise

DONE BY SUNRISE are an acoustic indie-pop band from Worcester. The trio are comprised of Loren Howland (vocals, soprano ukulele), Scott Howland (guitar, backing vocals) and Jodie Howland (vocals, tenor ukulele and percussion).

“One of the bands to look out for in 2013!” – Andy O’Hare, BBC Introducing... Hereford & Worcester

The self-styled family band bring together a rich history of music, theatre and performance; while Scott is self-taught, Loren and Jodie began singing in a musical theatre group from the age of eight. Their music is exemplified by quirky songs, feel-good vibes and catchy melodies, backed by a simple acoustic rhythm. All three members sing, their voices blend together to create a powerful and inspired vocal harmony.

Lou as pink


Saturday Evening

From 6.30pm.

Paul Winstanley

Paul Winstanley

The Trevor Burton Band

Trevor Burton Band

Our final band for 2014.  Trevor Burton has been playing music for many, many years. From the mid ‘60s in small–time local bands like “Danny King & The Mayfair Set” to “The Move” a million selling chart topping band.

This will be a great set to bring the festival to a finish.



All in the Music tent, sponsored by Nicol & Co Estate Agents

Nicol & Co Estate Agents