Our provisional dates for 2017 are 17th to the 19th August 2017.

If you want to help make the festival better in the future please get in contact.

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Beer, Cider, Perry and more...

The festival is all about giving you a great choice of the finest traditional beers, quality cider and perry, and fruit wines and juices to enjoy. In the three days we are open, about twelve thousand people will be sampling over two hundred different types of beer and more than one hundred ciders and perries.

To see what we plan to have please visit the following pages:

What does a pint cost?

We aim to price our drinks at around 'pub prices', with prices varying depending on what it has cost us to buy the beer/cider/perry.

Strike Cards

We will be using strike cards again this year.

After you have been served at the bar please hand over your card(s) and we will 'strike' out the relevant amount.

Please ensure you have enough to pay for your drink. If necessary please go to the extra cards counter at the entrance before going to the bar. The volunteers on the bar are not permitted to take cash. 

We suggest you buy enough cards to get started with your ticket, either online or when paying cash at the entrance, and then visit the extra cards counter if you need more later.

If you have any unspent cards (either part or full) left at the end of the session you can claim a refund. Please consider donating your part spent cards to our festival charities.

Cards bought during one session can be used later if you return for another session.

All unused cards must be redeemed before we close on Saturday.

So will we run out?

This year we are again strictly limiting entry on each day. This means we will have beer for those people we are expecting on each day. 

Will all the different beers, cider and perry be available at all times? Being a natural product, some beers don't settle as expected and so a few won't be ready at the start.

For the most popular beers we order several casks, bringing them on one after the other - so that's why some casks are marked "duplicate beer". But despite this some beers will undoubtedly prove popular and run out before others. Even then, we aim to always have a range of different styles to try - milds, stouts, golden ales, lagers, strong ales and so on. By the way, as the programme explains we colour code the cask labels to help you identify the style.

Also, with so many beers on order we expect about half a dozen won't get delivered. Where this happens our suppliers will provide us with a substitute, but it will be too late for the printed programme so we post notices around the site listing the changes.

Takeout containers

Takeout containers in 2 and 4 pint sizes will be available at the bar while stocks last. You will need Festival Tokens to pay for takeout beer, cider or perry.