Our provisional dates for 2017 are 17th to the 19th August 2017.

If you want to help make the festival better in the future please get in contact.

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Session times and Admission

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4th August

Friday 5th August

6th August


5pm - 11pm

Noon - 11pm

Noon - 10pm





Advance Packages

(Including £7 strike card)

(Including £7 strike card)

(Including £7 strike card)

Door Packages
(If available)

(Including £4 strike card)

No door sales £10 
(Including £4 strike card)

The entry price includes a souvenir glass and programme and applies to everybody visiting the festival apart from children.

In addition to your entrance ticket you will need to buy some strike cards, these are used at the bars in place of cash. To reduce queues at the entrance we have simplified the entry packages this year to include only a single £7 Strike Card. You will not be able to buy additional cards at the entrance, but will have to buy them from the extra strike cards desk when you have entered the festival. Your initial card will enable you to buy your first drink. Extra strike cards are valued at £5 each.

If you have any unspent cards (either part or full) left at the end of the session you can claim a refund. Please consider donating your part spent cards to our festival charities. Unused cards must be redeemed before we close on Saturday night.

We strictly limiting entry numbers for each day. Once we have sold the number of entries for that day we will close entry for door sales. We will not be selling tickets for Friday on the door, tickets for other days will be available on the door if we have any left (In 2015 we sold all of the remaining tickets for Saturday in the first hour). In the past we have had to turn away people (including ticket holders) because the earlier sessions have been too popular, this is unacceptable. We limit tickets to ensure that the festival runs for the full time, and we can offer the best festival. We never again want to turn away ticket holders.

We will do our best to stop queues forming at the entrance, however we cannot guarantee it wont happen. Past experience has shown that the busiest time at the entrance is on the Friday night at around 8pm.